Is Single Blade Razor Still The Best?

For over a hundred years, shaving has been a common practice among men. Back in the old days, men could have their unwanted facial hair shaved through the services provided by professional barbers. Finally, a safety blade was invented to keep hygiene standards high with less skill needed. With a variety of single blade razors available in the market today, there is absolutely no reason for you not to look presentable wherever you are.

How it all began

Straight razor shaving was introduced in the late 1600s  and was continually used as a form of shaving until the 1950s. The blade rotated in a pivot connected to a handle, thus making it foldable and easily stored with either a plastic case or cloth. Benjamin Huntsman, one of the early manufacturers of this type of razors, ventured on using cast steel blades and adorned handles. His creations were arguably one of the best straight razors produced in history which was later adapted by English and French manufacturers.

With its availability, shaving has been a common routine among men, though, there were still concerns rising for others who are less skillful when it comes to handling these blades. This concern was later addressed through the development of a disposable single blade razor, designed to aid even the clumsiest of hand to produce a neat and good shave. Due to its popularity and fool-proof usage, the demand for straight razors and services from professional barbers greatly dropped.

straight single blade razor

By Horst.Burkhardt (Own work)
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The Single Blade Razor

It has been produced and used alongside a double-edge razor for many years. Though it is no longer manufactured, it is still widely available in the market. Narrow blades are still being produced for the injector variant of a single blade razor, a design which was made popular by Schick during the 1920s. Following Schick was the brand Gillett, who then came out with the same concept in 1947, and as years passed by, these blades transformed into what consumers nowadays see as cartridge style blades.

With the benefit of less shave burns, nicks, ingrown and other shaving injuries, these razors have completely reduced the number of men using straight blades. Though safety razors may prove to be more costly in the long run, its initial affordability made a huge impact against the straight razor market.

Modern Shaving

Modern Chrome Safety Razor

With a vast supply and variety, it is now only a question of which is the best safety razor available in the market today. What used to be carbon steel blades are now made of stainless steel blades for longer usability and rust prevention. Though stainless steel blades dominate the shaving market, a limited supply of carbon steel blades is still available.

Even though there are numerous types of razors today, from double to even four-blade cartridges, some men still prefer to use a single blade razor due to its effective way of removing hair. Multi-blade razors are designed to tug hair and skin more often causing ingrown and shave burn.